Personalized Managed IT Services

Whether you have an individual server that you intend to be managed at your local area, you’ve made a decision to virtualize your systems onto remotely managed hardware, or you’re looking to move your complete production or disaster recovery options to a remote, secure, managed environment, KBIT will be here to serve you.

Industry Level Security & Compliance

KBIT follows and applies industry standard security conventions to all of its work. Offering tier 1 security options for any level of protection means that KBIT comes prepared for any project, client, or industry. Never should a client have to wonder about the security of their IT infrastructure or fear being compromised and losing it all, KBIT works to ensure that all concerns are handled before they become problems.

Cloud Services

KBIT can help with the analysis, deployment and on-going management of any combination of the or some other technology decisions you’re up against as a technology decision maker.

Highly trained, certified consultants can outline techniques that ensure your computer data is properly managed, protected and secured.

From task-specific servers to remotely hosted infrastructure, KBIT can assist you in your quest for the appropriate IT environment for the company.

Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with enhanced productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Servers, Lync servers, centralized shared storage, off-site backups and Disaster Recovery solutions for almost any platform you require.

Web Development

Whether you need your website redesigned, a custom plugin developed, or a web presence built from scratch, our team will work with you to create a product you’ll love. Several years of web development and design experience go a long way in making sure clients get the product they pay for in the timeframe they need and with unbeatable support. If you need anything web, you can rest easy knowing the job is with KBIT.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

There is a saying in IT work that KBIT firmly believes and has developed their restoration services to follow: Recovery starts now. Don’t wait until something happens to take action and protect your system. The best protection is the one that is already in place. KBIT performs backups on a regular basis to their industry grade data-centers so that when something happens to your site, you won’t have to even think twice.

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